Basic Guitar Chords: 4 Simple Tips for Beginners

Studying the basic guitar chords is essential in learning to play the guitar. Beginners need to learn the basic guitar chords to be able to play guitar at the right tune. It’s both easy and fun! Here are the simple tips on learning the basic guitar chords.

1. Press down each finger firmly.

Make sure that your fingers press tightly the string against the guitar’s fretboard so that the sound produced will be clean. Not pushing down the string hard enough results in a buzzing string sound. As much as possible, your finger should be close to the fret without touching it. This will also prevent the buzzing or muffled sound when you play your guitar.

2. Press only one finger on every string.

Sometimes, your finger accidentally rests on the string next to the one you’re supposed to press down. Try to avoid it so that you can get a clear sound out of your guitar.

3. Relax your hand when playing the guitar.

Because it’s required to press down the strings firmly, your hands might hold the fretboard too firmly. Make your hands comfortable when playing a chord. Place your wrist for every chord in such a way that you feel comfortable. Your wrist position should also make your fingers stay in their position as you strum the strings.

4. Pay attention to every detail of the chord diagram.

It will take a while before you can place your fingers on the fretboard exactly as the dots appear on the guitar chords chart. Play the chords by properly positioning your fingers and wrists. Then strum the strings and listen to how it sounds.

Don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it right on the first try. It normally takes quite a while before you can finally master the basic guitar chords. And once you do, you will be thrilled with how every strum of the chord sounds.

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